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Welcome to Pedia®- The Encylopedia Network

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Our Mission:
Provide consumers with faster, easier access to the information, products and services they want including comparison charts, online quotes on auto, whole life, home, fire and all other insurance needs.

We search the major search engines and remove the duplicates, the advertising sites, the pop-up ads, and anything that might harm your computer. Then we include all the related products and services in this easy-to-remember place where you spend less time searching, and more time finding what you want.

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Seth Godin - The Purple Cow: "Content marketing is the only marketing left."

Geoff Ramsey - CEO, Co-founder of e-Marketer, www.emarketer.com: "Next year (2011), marketers will need to rethink their approach to advertising and marketing and intensify their focus on creating magnetic content that will naturally attract customers, rather than relying solely on the interruption model of advertising, which consumers are responding to less and less. Think pull vs. push."

Vince Giorgi - Content for a Convergent World: "Content can be powerful as an engagement catalyst and a relationship builder when it at least appears to spring from a marketer's sincere desire to offer SOMETHING RELEVANT and VALUABLE 'for' the customer or potential customer."

Arnie Kuenn - Founder Vertical Measures: "Not only big brands, businesses everywhere will begin to embrace content as a key marketing strategy. This will occur as organizations begin to truly understand that providing the information prospective customers need and seek actually leads to business."

Marty Weintraub - Pres. aimClear Search Marketing Blog: "Marketers will realize they don't own and can't fully leverage original content they post only on third party social sites including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others. As a result, there will be more focus on strategies to better leverage the content to the benefit of permalinks the brand manager truly controls."

Josh Gordon - Selling with Content: "In 2011 brand marketers will confront the issue of content commoditization. The goal will be to create content that stands out and is unique."

Media Shift:

Joanne Grey - Owner Spotted Wombat, Australia: "...print, radio and TV advertising will POINT consumers toward online content, and these traditional forms of advertising will continue to be cheaper and snappier."

Owning the Content:

Simon Kelly - COO Story Worldwide: "Some brands will realize OWNING is better than renting and start to create THEIR OWN MEDIA CHANNELS. Better to BE THE CONTENT than adjacent to it..."

What Pedia® Can Do For Your Company and Your Suppliers:


PEDIA® makes you the ENCYCLOPEDIA of YOUR market!

The only thing more POWERFUL than an encyclopedia is a PEDIANETWORK of encyclopedias!

We have been providing CONTENT MARKETING solutions since 1986 and we were the FIRST consumer encyclopedia on the Web in 1995.

PEDIA® enables your company to provide consumers with HIGH-VALUE information delivered at the "consumer's point of need," from an INDEPENDNT THIRD-PARTY, HIGHER AUTHORITY SOURCE THAT CONSUMERS BELIEVE AND REMEMBER.

Today you must demonstrate to consumers WHY they should buy from you in YOUR LOCAL MARKET instead of your competition, you must reach them with your reasons BEFORE your competitors do and you must reach them with more CREDIBILITY of your messages that your competitor CANNOT duplicate.

Our Motto: "Go where they are and give 'em what they want." (when they want it, from an independent third-party they believe.)

Here are the 10 most important points from the Seth Godin audio seminar where he said, "content marketing is the only marketing left."

1. The old way of marketing is where producers talked at customers with consistent interruption. New marketing is about connecting with customers.

2. Today's new marketing is a bigger opportunity than any revolution that came along before (Factory, Industrial revolution) because people only need access to ideas, not access to large amounts of capital.

3. Instead of spending $5 million on advertising, spend $5 million on a great product that people want to talk about.

4. There is a difference between how many and who. Old marketing was about how many. New marketing is about who. If 12 people are coming to your blog, but they are the right 12 people with large amounts of buying power, that’s what matters.

5. Permission transferred is permission lost.

6. Your content: Who is listening? Make something for them. If you make something that solves their problems, they'll talk about it and tell others.

7. The gatekeepers have changed. Today's technology has enabled the destruction of old gatekeepers (have a message to tell and can’t get it out… create a blog then) and the creation of new gatekeepers (those that have 1,000 friends on Facebook).

8. Figure out why the target needs to pay attention to you? Find information they desperately need (books, blog, research, surveys, etc.) and give it to them. This is the heart of new marketing.

9. Telling an authentic story means living an authentic life (i.e., Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO really does love coffee). In the new marketing world, you can’t fake it, so you have no choice but to be real.

10. All one has to do to understand new marketing is to start a blog. Write stuff that people want to read instead of dictating to them. You learn the lesson quickly!

Content marketing is not easy because you actually have to listen to your customers and know what their challenges are. You cannot solve your marketing woes through buying advertising space. You must make a connection to your customers, and get new customers, by focusing on their true pain points and healing them with information (okay, a bit over the top, but true none the less).

Read more about Content Marketing.

Contact us for more information and we'll set up a phone conference or Internet connection to discuss.

The PediaNetwork:

The PediaNetwork® - The CREDIBILITY PLATFORM™, that provides individuals and businesses with the ultimate CREDIBILITY PLATFORM™ of consumer information resources. It provides merchants and consumers with "CREDIBILTY AT THE POINT OF NEED™". The PediaNetwork® was inspired through elements of the Encyclopedia and the wealth of information that all of us growing up are familiar with. The growing problem for business is that there is simply too much information and it's growing at an increasing rate. CREDIBILITY is now MORE important than ever over interruption-based marketing and advertsing. Businesses trying to reach consumers today have a major problem using the declining reach, traditional electronic and print medias. Over 250 magazines have gone out of business in just a few months of 2009. There is now only once place available where influence on consumers continues to grow year-after-year - the Internet. The solution is not what a company says to consumers about their products and services it's what the consumer BELIEVES.

We created the first online consumer encyclopedia AutoPedia® - The Automotive Encyclopedia, in 1995, that is still one of the most widely used lemon law information resources on the Internet today (see what others think about AutoPedia® by clicking here.

The PediaNetwork® brands include all of the following and more: ArchitectPedia® (The Architect Encyclopedia); NebraskaPedia™ (The Nebraska Encyclopedia); ParentPedia® (The Parent Encyclopedia); RealEstatePedia™ (The Real Estate Encyclopedia); and more visible on the Site Menu. Click for more details about Information-Marketing™.

On August 25, 2009, The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted two more registered trademarks to the growing Pedia® family of brands (About Us). They were Pedia®, and the parent network Web site brand name, The PediaNetwork®.

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