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Our Mission:
The mission of the PediaNetwork® is to provide consumers with EXACTLY the information they want, EXACTLY when they want it, from an independent third-party consumers can trust and remember, about the products and services that consumers want to buy.

The PediaNetwork® publishes consumer information encyclopedias on products and services, as well as the companies that provide them. The PediaNetwork® is 100% consumer aligned, 100% transparent and fully embraces the Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) principles and goals.

Wherever consumers encounter the PediaNetwork® logo, they can be assured that the information they are seeing has been screened for high-value and accuracy, and that consumers always have control over all aspects of the information. The PediaNetwork® employs a self-correcting mechanism that gives consumers ("anyone, anywhere, at anytime") the right to object to any information they believe is not credible and the PediaNetwork® will contact the provider who will then have the option to "substantiate, modify or pull" the information.

The PediaNetwork® embraces all of the principles and goals of Project VRM, consumers can be assured that the PediaNetwork® is AT ALL TIMES - pro-consumer. No "native ads" - no "surveillance" - no interruptions - nothing consumers don't want. Consumers at all times have complete control over their data and may opt-in or opt-out at their sole discretion.

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PediaNetwork® Marketing News:
Brand Preference Vs Brand Love
17 Jul 2017 at 12:01am
Today's post first appeared in my newsletter this week.There is only one essential job for marketing - to acquire customers.Everything else marketing does is a footnote. This is why the current obsession with social media is largely misguided.Peop...
10th Anniversary Edition
5 Jul 2017 at 12:01am
This week marks the 10th anniversary of The Ad Contrarian blog.I can't think of a more interesting time to have been writing about the ad industry. I've had a few favorite story lines -- marketers' detachment from reality; brand babble; the devalu...
Who's Gonna Guard Marcel?
27 Jun 2017 at 12:01am
Publicis ceo Arthur Sadoun made big headlines last week with his announcement that he's taking the $20 million they piss away at Cannes every year and sinking it into an artificial intelligence gimmick called Marcel.The goal of this AI system is t...
Apple Treats The Disease. Google Treats The Symptoms.
22 Jun 2017 at 12:01am
Apple and Google both know there's a big problem. The problem is that online advertising is a shit show of unprecedented proportions.In recent days, both Apple and Google have announced initiatives to deal with the problem. Google's solution is ti...
Advertising And The Old-Guy Syndrome
13 Jun 2017 at 12:01am
The Golden State Warriors have been the best team in basketball for the past 3 years.Two years ago they won the NBA championship. Last year they had the best win-loss record in the history of the league but lost the championship in the final game ...

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